User friendly tool to adapt school-based screening model to local jurisdictions

As part of project year 3 we have developed a pair formation model of chlamydia, which features a School Based Screening (SBS) program targeted to high-school age population. The model is calibrated to SBS program data from Philadelphia, Chicago and Detroit. To be most adaptable to local level, we will develop an interactive tool. The tool will be built using the SBS pair formation model with a metamodeling approach. Metamodeling will use the outputs of the SBS model to develop a second model “the SBS emulator”. The user can explore the impact of different input values through a web interface. During the development of the user interface we will collaborate with potential users to tailor the tool better to the needs of local level decision-makers. The tool will use information on chlamydia diagnoses in the community along with coverage and positivity estimates from an existing or planned school-based screening program.  The tool is still likely to offer insight into the benefits and challenges of establishing an SBS program.

Primary goal: To develop a user-friendly tool to project the screening coverage, frequency of screening, and duration of screening program necessary before school-based screening (SBS) may have an impact on chlamydia positivity in schools.