Stephen Resch

Stephen Resch

Stephen Resch, PhD

Deputy Director, Center for Health Decision Science

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Dr. Stephen Resch is the Deputy Director of the Center for Health Decision Science and a Lecturer in the Department of Health Policy and Management. He also serves as Deputy Chair of the HSPH Comparative Effectiveness Research Initiative. Dr. Resch is committed to advancing the use of decision analytic approaches in health policymaking and health program management. He frequently works with policymakers and practitioners to undertake systematic assessment of options that enhance the evidence-base for strategic decisions. Dr. Resch’s projects often focuses on synthesizing or generating evidence related to cost and impacts of various policy options to directly inform decisions of national governments and bilateral and multilateral aid organizations. Often this work involves the development or use of ‘mechanistic’ computer-based models used to simulate the outcomes of alternative policy options and estimate their health and economic consequences. When done well, the use of such tools provides decision makers with clear insights regarding trade-offs inherent to the decisions they face as well as quantitative estimates of the uncertainty in the problems they face.

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