Model Comparison Activities for Unified Framework for Modeling Domestic TB Elimination

The aims of this project will be accomplished through an extension of a user-friendly tool (“Tabby”) This tool allows users to investigate national-level TB outcomes for a set of pre-specified policy options and scenarios. For this new project we will expand the existing tool in several dimensions. We will adapt the model to allow state-level policy projections. The first state we will include in this component is California. we will collaborate with the other funded TB modelling groups to coordinate and compare model inputs, methods, and results. we will further extend the tool to allow projections for each US state. We will expand the range of outcomes projected by the model. We will adapt this model as needed to allow state-level projections and examine a wider range of policy scenarios.

Primary Goal: Develop a user-friendly tool that provides projections of TB burden and related epidemiological and economic outcomes, given criteria entered by the user.