Ben Linas

Benjamin Linas

Benjamin Linas, MD, MPH

Infectious Disease Physician

Boston Medical Center

Dr. Linas is a physician scientist dedicated to improving the health of vulnerable persons living with HIV and HCV infections. His research investigates the comparative- and cost-effectiveness of interventions to identify and treat HIV and HCV, employing methods of computational biology, clinical epidemiology, and clinical economics. The overarching aim of his work is to maximize the benefits of evolving therapies for HIV and HCV in the “real-world,” where diagnostics and therapy for HCV are rapidly evolving, resources are constrained, and the best methods for managing infected individuals are not certain. Dr. Linas is also an HIV and HCV provider in Boston Medical Center’s Department of Infectious Diseases, where he provides primary care and sub-specialty management of HIV, HCV, and HIV/HCV co-infection.